Wow. Just wow. Justin Cronin did not disappoint with this sequel to The Passage.This is a story i will never forget.

* I was quite surprised with the fact that this book did not pick up where The Passage left off. Instead, we are catapulted
back to when it all began, while being introduced to some very interesting new characters.

* The characters are, like i expected, just as well written and multidimensional as i recalled. I felt a deep connection with just about all of them, both good and evil alike. In my opinion, they are the main focus of this story of epic proportions.

* Justin Cronin puts as much work into his characters as he puts into his worldbuilding. All the aspects and details he puts into this book, specially those surrounding The Dome and it's inhabitants, are absolutely brilliant.

* It's surprising how all of these aspects come together when we reach the climactic end. The battle against The Twelve, Amy's journey, all the trials and tribulations everyone went through, just made it all the more enjoying. And a hero long gone but not forgotten, rising from the dark to bring light to a new day. Absolutely mesmerizing. Brava, Justin Cronin. Brava.

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