Wow. Just wow. Justin Cronin did not disappoint with this sequel to The Passage.This is a story i will never forget.

* I was quite surprised with the fact that this book did not pick up where The Passage left off. Instead, we are catapulted
back to when it all began, while being introduced to some very interesting new characters.

* The characters are, like i expected, just as well written and multidimensional as i recalled. I felt a deep connection with just about all of them, both good and evil alike. In my opinion, they are the main focus of this story of epic proportions.

* Justin Cronin puts as much work into his characters as he puts into his worldbuilding. All the aspects and details he puts into this book, specially those surrounding The Dome and it's inhabitants, are absolutely brilliant.

* It's surprising how all of these aspects come together when we reach the climactic end. The battle against The Twelve, Amy's journey, all the trials and tribulations everyone went through, just made it all the more enjoying. And a hero long gone but not forgotten, rising from the dark to bring light to a new day. Absolutely mesmerizing. Brava, Justin Cronin. Brava.

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Dark Lover by J. R. Ward

If you need a spicy book in your life and 50 Shades Of Gray isn't your style, read Dark Lover. You won't be disapointed. I know i wasn't.
At first i thought: " I don't think erotic literature is my thing. But it has vampires in it. I'll give it a shot. But if i see a vampire playing around with glitter, i'm out." Truth is, i didn't see a vampire playing around with glitter. What i saw was a pretty steamy and sexy book. This one gave me a couple of hot flashes. Come on, don't judge me. A brotherhood of hot and bad ass vampires, protecting humans during the night, living in a mansion by day, and with some pretty sweet moves in the budoir department? You can bite me any time. And it just keeps getting better, because there's a book for each of the brothers and a couple of sassy sidekicks.
So boys and girls, get ready for the Black Dagger Brotherhood. They're coming and they don't "suck". Haha. Get it? They don't suck? It's a pun. No? Nevermind.
If you want to see the full review, click down bellow.

Rating:   hhhhh


A Voyage Through The Pages Of Dark Lover

Here's the video synopsis and excerpt for Dark Lover  by J. R. Ward.
Review coming this weekend.


The Ghost Of Graylock by Dan Poblocki

Dan Poblocki sure knows how to write a scary story. I have been a fan of horror since i can remember and i do get sacred kind of easily. I've read quite a few horror books, but nun of them made the hair on the back of my head stand up. Until now. Before i started reading The Ghost Of Graylock, i thought it was just a middle gradish kind of book trying to be scary, like so many others out there. Then, i read the epilogue and thought to myself: " Hum, i might be onto something here". As i continued reading, i kept thinking; " Maybe that shadow in the corner was one of my dogs. Or maybe it could be a dead girl creeping up on me". " The breathing sound i hear by my side is just my husband sleeping. But it could also be a dead girl right beside me coming to get me". Yes, i know i sound like a six year old, bur after watching as much horror movies as i did, you start to wonder " what if"...
So yeah, i was pleasantly surprised with this one. I didn't feel like this reading a book since i was 10 and reading Goosebumps.
Watch the video for the full review.

Rating:   hhhh


The Ghost Of Graylock

Hello everyone.

Here's a brief sinopsys and excerpt of The Ghost Of Graylock for you to enjoy.

Review will be up next weekend.


The Bookish Tag

Hello, everyone. Today i felt like  doing a tag, so i did The Bookish Tag.
Make your own and leave it as a video response, if you like.
Hope you have as much fun as i did.
See ya.


The Night Eternal

What can i say about this book? I can´t really express myself. So in order for you to understand, i’ll go back in time.
About two years ago, as i was scrolling through a portuguese online bookstore, i saw a book. The cover wasn’t that special and i had never heard of it before. But then i saw one of the authors names: Guillermo Del Toro. Him being my second favorite movie director, i knew this book had to be something different. Then i read the synopsis. And i was immediately hooked. I bought it and got through it in a blink of an eye. Instant five stars. Then i had to patiently wait for the portuguese release of the second volume: The Fall. Having loved The Strain so much, i couldn’t wait to get my hands on the next one. And a year and half later, i finally did. And it was worth the wait. I devoured it in hours, wondering how long i would have to wait for the conclusion. Alas, not being able to wait anymore, i gave in and bought a english copy. I couldn’t believe my eyes when i finally held it in my hands…
Wich brings us to today. I have read all of them, and know now that i am in possession of three of the best books i have ever had the pleasure of reading. The Night Eternal was the cherry on the cake.

Watch the video review to know more.

Watch the synopsis and excerpt here.

My Rating:    hhhhh